Bear Creek Cemetery

Veteran Burials


Addington, Rev. Thomas   row16-22      Co. A  84th Ind Inf
Addington, Willard C.   row25-10      Bat A  34th Field Arty, WWI
Addington, William   row7-1      Co. D  57th Ind Inf
Burk, Rodney M   row25-11      pvt,  573 causal det  WWI
Butler, Ralph Vance   row27-8      sp5  US Army
Crow, Dale Eugene   row26-4      Buglar  151 Field Arty  38th Div  WWI
Edwards, H.   row 8-6      Co. H  84th Ind Inf
Gilmore, Nathan Eugene   row23-18      pv2  US Army 
Hersberger, Harold W.   row19-17      S1  US Navy  WWII
Huffman, Merl L.   row26-3      Co. B  151 Inf
Huffman, William   row13-16      Co. G  124th Ind Inf
Kale, David   row6-9      Doak's Co. 5  VA Mil  War of 1812
Lloyd, Francis H. Sr.   row22-26      SSgt  US Army  Vietnam
Moore, Clyde Howard   row21-24      S2  US Navy  WWII
Patrick, James Marvin   row22-28      Sgt  US Marine Corp  WWII
Patterson, Raymond Eugene   row27-0.1      SSgt  US Army  WWII
Patterson, Robert E.   row27-7      pfc  US Army  Korea
Wright, S. G.   row10-6      Hinghman's Comp  Jackson's NJ Mil  War of 1812



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